QSIS is no longer accessible

QSIS is no longer accessible, as new submission and data output systems are in operation as detailed below.    

From January 2023, all provider data is submitted via the Data Collection Framework (DCF). 
Please contact the Helpdesk qcrs@england.nhs.uk for assistance with registering as a submitter for the DCF.     

All NHS providers Specialised Services Quality Dashboard (SSQD) data outputs for both provider submitted and registry provided data are now shown on Model Health System which you can self-register for.    

More information can be found on FutureNHS which is the one site for all QCRS data related news, links and updates.    

If you have any query, or need assistance with data submissions or data outputs and reports, please contact the Helpdesk qcrs@england.nhs.uk and we will be happy to assist.    

Thanks, Quality Collection and Reporting System Team (QCRS) Team 

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